Legends of Myth

Legends of Myth are an Australian alternative Rock/Pop band based in Adelaide. The band were formed in 2016 by Antony Hubmayer. Their long-awaited debut album 'Greatest Hits Volume One' was released on Jan 1st 2018 and their eagerly awaited second studio album 'Greatest Hits Volume Two' was released in June 2020. Performances and recordings feature a range of musicians. The music is contemporary alternative Rock/Pop featuring catchy melodies, strong harmonies and rich musical textures.

Contributors to Greatest Hits Volumes One and Two

All songs written, arranged and recorded by Antony Hubmayer

Vocals:  Antony Hubmayer, Chris Goodall

Piano and Synthesizers: Antony Hubmayer

Drums: Steve Staben

Guitars: George Klironomos, Tzan Niko, Antony Hubmayer, Rohan Powell, Chris Goodall

Bass: Gavin Cox, Antony Hubmayer

Additional Vocals: Rohan Powell, Kristen Hardy, Bethany Hubmayer, Adele Hubmayer, Mark Stefanoff, Ravi Wijesinha, Martin Gray, Dave Johnston

Saxophones: Matthew Oulton

Trumpet: Sean Helps, Luke Lambert

Trombone: Maxim Hubmayer

Strings: Mark Stefanoff, Hamish Netting

Mixing and Production: Steve Staben (Doghouse Studio)

Mastering: Juan Kalmao

CD Artwork: Maxim Hubmayer

Special thanks to Billy James and Matthew Shakeshaft for their earlier contributions. 

Sincere gratitude to the many bands and musicians who helped shape these sounds, particularly 'Napoleon Goes Solo' and 'No Cause For Alarm'